New home wiring, repairs and maintenance

Do you have a wiring that is getting old, or lights blinking, or a dodgy switch? Is your home electrical wiring as old as the hills and in serious need of an upgrade? Or perhaps you have a lot of power running through your home and need some safety measures in place. These are the kinds of electrical issues that can sneak up on you and turn into bigger maintenance jobs. Keep your family safe and have peace of mind by acting on those repairs and upgrade issues as they arise, and make sure you get a qualified expert to do the job.

McKnights Electrical maintenance, upgrades and repair services include:

Fuse box upgrades or complete new switchboard installations

Your fuse box regulates the electrical flow to your home, and in the event of an electrical overload, it will cut off the electricity to that circuit. Issues can be difficult and dangerous to diagnose – McKnights Electrical are highly experienced in identifying and repairing switchboard issues.

Complete residential lighting assessment and installation

Lighting for your home is not only functional and essential, it creates an ambience. Having faulty or aged inefficient lighting can weigh heavily on your back pocket, we are your Northern Tasmanian lighting electricians for a full assessment of the efficiency and safety of your current lighting, and recommend and install a lighting solution for your home – whether it is a simple upgrade or repair, or new lighting installation.

New home wiring or existing home rewire

Is your home wiring worn from decades of use? Or are you building a new home and need a complete installation? McKnights Electrical can keep your electricity running efficiently with one off repair or full rewire installation for your existing home.

Fault finding

We run a series of tests to find the likely cause of the electrical fault, and get to the root of the issue to provide a long-term fix. We will solve the issue in a timely manner and recommend the best solution that will last.

Safety switch installation

A safety measure that regulates the power in your home – it can turn off the power in the case of an emergency and it also allows you to have total control at the flip of a switch. Whether it is a compliance requirement, or for peace of mind, McKnights Electrical can install this safety measure quickly and efficiently.