Generate your own power with solar energy

McKnights Electrical specialises in solar power installations for both homes and businesses, and is a highly experienced and accredited solar installer in Australia. Solar power is free energy from the sun, it helps you lower your power bills, be more mindful of your energy consumption, and reduces your impact on the environment.

When the sun hits your solar panels, it generates DC electricity, which then converts to AC electricity through an inverter that is the type of electricity used in your home. When the solar system is producing more electricity than your require at that time, it feeds power back to the grid which registered as a credit on your power bill. On a cloudy day or at night, when there is not enough sunlight to generate the amount of electricity you need, your house then reverts to sourcing its power from the grid.

Through our ongoing partnership with EnergyBank, we have a long history of installing domestic solar systems across a wide range of projects throughout Australia. From small-scale 1kW residential grid-connect solar solutions, to large commercial 100kW systems, McKnights Electrical, together with EnergyBank can recommend, custom design, and install the right sized system for your power needs.