Your commercial lighting, switchboard, and automation electrician


When it comes to commercial switchboards, McKnights Electrical has many years of experience upgrading and installing complex and sophisticated solutions for businesses in Australia. We provide professional switchboard installations and upgrades for offices, factories, and individual machinery switchboards, along with those premises that have a large power demand and require a switchboard to manage 3-phase power. Whether it is a complete new switchboard install, or upgrades to suit expanding operations, we can provide a safe, well-planned, and comprehensive solution for your business.


From shop and office lighting, indoor and outdoor, to warehouse LED installations, we are experienced commercial lighting electricians that will recommend and install a solution best for your needs. McKnights Electrical will always recommend energy and cost efficient lighting that is reliable, long-lasting and effective for your commercial application. From supermarket fit outs and complete warehouse lighting installations, to home lighting solutions, we have the expertise to fulfil your requirements effectively.


Office automation systems add a whole new level to the electrical installations in your business; the system can fully automate your business space to match your specific needs. Using wireless technology, the automation system can be retrofitted to your existing infrastructure, and programmed to control multiple systems and equipment including:

Indoor and outdoor lighting

Audio and AV equipment

Heating and cooling


Electrical commercial automation systems are also highly effective in maintaining energy efficiency using the programmable technology to act on a timer, turning lights and equipment off after hours.